Travel To & From West Point

Allow at least two hours for the cadet to get from West Point to Newark (EWR), LaGuardia (LGA) or Kennedy (JFK) and about one hour to Stewart International Airport (SWF). Pay attention to the weather, especially during Christmas break as often there are NorEasters that cause significant travel delays. When booking return flights to West Point, the general rule of thumb you might hear is “wheels on the ground by noon” as recall is typically 18:30 Sunday evening. JetBlue and Delta have overnight flights that land early Sunday morning. If you fly your cadet back a day earlier and is on post one night early, no worries. There are barracks open called “transition barracks” that they can stay in. They might also have a sponsor family that is willing to let them stay overnight.

GMK travel (845) 429-9290 provides bus transportation to and from West Point and nearby airports during holidays and returning from training breaks such as CFT. The link is provided below. PLEASE NOTE that cadets MUST print out their receipt to show the bus driver! If they show a digital receipt, they will have to pay the driver a $10 surcharge.

Uber is also available and picks up at Grant Turnaround ONLY if the driver has a visitor pass. Otherewise, cadets can be picked up at Thayer Gate. Approx. cost from JFK to West Point is $120.

Remind your cadet to always have his or her TAC Officer’s phone number with them so they can call in the case of a delayed return.