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This year, Utah will be sending 5 cadets to New York to begin their 47 month journey. On June 6th we were able to welcome our Class of 2024 cadet candidates in a small “picnic” in Heber City. Eric Page, Military Affairs Representative for USAA and Alan Walker, Class of 1974 / 50 Year Affiliate Member joined in via Zoom. Three current cadets: Matt Schvaneveldt (21), Emilyanne Baker (21) and Matt Loverso (22), were also in attendance to offer advice and answer questions.

SPECIAL THANK YOU TO USAA for graciously sponsoring the event!

Academy Information Meeting @ Ft. Douglas

January 27, 2020

6:30 pm

Invite Your Friends

Thank you to everyone who came and supported the cadets and midshipmen at this years ball. The 2020 All Academy Ball has been set for December 26th, 2020 (location TBD). Planning will be underway soon!


OCTOBER 25-27, 2019

Great opportunities to take tours, visit the inside of your cadets barracks, and see what daily life is really like for your cadet. Registration opens early October for families of current cadets.

10:00 am
Saturday, August 17
The Plain @

The United States Military Academy

On A Day or Acceptance Day, the incoming class become “Plebes” and members of the Corps of Cadets after the successful completion of Cadet Basic Training. Since Reception Day, the “new cadets” as they were called trained, learned, and memorized the Book of Knowledge and went through a grueling six weeks of Cadet Basic Training. At the completion of CBT, all new cadets march from Camp Buckner to West Point, roughly a 12-mile march in the traditional ending of Cadet Basic Training. On A Day, families are invited to watch the entire Corps of Cadets march in the Acceptance Day Parade on the Plain. The new cadets will march out separately, then join the Corps when the command is given.

(WPAOG Parent Handbook 2019-2020)

RING WEEKEND Class of 2020

August 23 – 24, 2019

This event is held in August of a cadet’s First Class or Firstie year. Ring Weekend events occur on Friday and Saturday of the designated weekend. On Friday, the First-Class cadets will march to Trophy Point and take their position near the band shell, in formation by company. At a certain point in the ceremony, the TAC teams distribute the class rings to the cadets. Family and friends who have been invited to attend fill the area around the cadets on the hillside, watching as the cadets receive and don their rings. At the conclusion of the approximately 30–35 minute ceremony, companies often gather for group photos. Cadets are released to spend time with family and friends following the ceremony. Saturday morning, parents, cadets, and friends are invited to participate in the Annual 5K Ring Run, followed by a celebratory breakfast at the West Point Club. On Saturday evening, the cadets and invited guests attend
a formal banquet celebrating the significance of the weekend. The class will invite a guest speaker for the event. Cadets wear their India White uniforms.

(WPAOG Parent Handbook 2019-2020)